Street art  

This section is dedicated to straight up street art work - no money involved. Painted in events, festivals, or just because. This is my biggest love - my hobby, if you will.

  my mural for the Beaumont Mural Festival 2023  
  My share of a community effort mural gallery in a new art center in the northside 2022  
  My share of a family themed street art wall in Houston, TX (the young couple are my grandparents)
(painted on the "restarting" mural below I painted a couple of weeks prior), May 2020
  Daniel Johnston tribute wall - collab with Jacob Calle, January 2020  
  My contribution to Ron English's Welcome Wall at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, TX 8'x16' April 2019  
  Third and last mural in Mount Barker, WA (the two previous were Walldog murals) Just having fun...  
  Stairway mural in Saint Joseph, Michigan, August 2019 (tempera on brick)  
  Blackbirds - 20'x36' piece for 2@M San Antonio, TX March 2019  
  A mini series of eyes for an impromptu pop up show at Winter Street, Houston, December 2018
Dali and Willie are 8'x4' and Morgan is about 3.5'x4', latex on paper
  Vote Beto mural - in collaboration with Melissa Eason - I did Beto and she did the lettering and background.
Beto's size is about 12' at the widest, by 9.5' tall. Latex on plywood, October 2018
  "deal with it" - 22"x14" piece for Meeting of Styles Houston 2017  
  A fun impromptu street art piece inspired by graffiti clutter in Krefeld, Germany, July 2017  
  This two piece above and smaller fun below were painted for the Rhine Side Gallery in Krefeld, Germany, July 2017  

  The chameleon, my piece for the 2016 HUE Festival, Houston TX  
  The wizard, my piece for the 2016 Houston Meeting of Styles  
  (like a) fly on the wall - my piece for the Washington Arts District ArtWall project 2016  
  LLAP self portrait, Houston TX 2016  
  Homage to Bouguereau, Houston TX 2016  
  8'x8' plywood panel, for a local community event, Houston 2015 | click to see more panel work  
  30'x50' latex on rough stucco for Meeting of Styles Houston 2015  
8'x10' acrylic and latex on boards, for UpFest 2015, Bristol, UK
A fun Vincent being one of a few contributions I made to London's Shoreditch street art scene
WoodArt Krefeld Germany 2015
Gila monster for the Kayenta Street Painting Festival 2015
anat ronen
Look us in the eye, Sarasota Chalk Festival, Venice FL 2014
anat ronen
anat ronen
Pray for peace, latex on stucco, 20'x13', Houston TX 2014
anat ronen
Jane for Julia Kay's Portrait Party, latex on drywall, 25'x8.5', Houston TX 2014
anat ronen
Yes She Can!
"Yes She Can!", latex on old brick, 15'x7', Houston TX 2014
Houston 2014
40' armadillo, latex on old stucco, 40'x15', Houston TX 2014
Houston 2014
Via Colori 2013
say cheese! latex on stucco, 25'x30', Sarasota FL 2011
Hello kitty, latex on drywall, 15'x8', Houston TX 2014
I am watching you, latex on vinyl siding, 25'x30', Houston TX 2013
Via Colori 2012
Pelican, latex on stucco, 5'x4', Sarasota FL 2011
Are we really free? latex on vinyl siding, 50'x30', Houston TX 2013
If only, latex on drywall, 15'x14', Houston TX 2013
syn·cre·tism, latex on stucco, 30'x6', Houston TX 2013