Several colleagues have asked me to exchange links, and I found the urge to share with you some of who I find the best artists out there. In today's world, we are constantly exposed to lots of information on a daily basis, surrounded by hundreds of images any given moment. I take the extra time to search for the people responsible for some of the art I really like, and glad to place them here. Enjoy!

Kent Twitchell is a muralist and grand scale artist. He’s created murals of celebrities, artists, religious figures and others for cities, schools, places of worship and private individuals. His work is shown in museums, galleries, books, movies, magazines and public spaces throughout the world.

El Mac - LA based spray paint mural artist. Works only with fat caps, amazing work!!

Dina Goldstein is a Canadian photographer and Pop Surrealist with a background in editorial/documentary photography.  For Dina photography is intended not to produce an aesthetic that echoes current beauty standards, but to evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer so as to inspire insight into the human condition.

MTO - Spray paint mural artist, specializes in large scale realism in his special black and white (and one more color of choice) work.

Cuong Nguyen - Today, Cuong works in both oil paints and pastels, though casual viewers may at first have trouble distinguishing the two media in Cuong's hands. Though he almost never blends his strokes, Cuong achieves a level of detail and smoothness of gradations that is unusual in pastel paintings. In oils, he aims for a realism that never crosses the line to photographic, so that the viewer always has a sense for how the image was formed from its raw materials . Regardless of media, however, Cuong Nguyen's paintings always reveal a fundamentally optimistic view of the world and a sense of wonder towards the beauty that surrounds us.

Leon Keer - Amazing 3D street painter and fine artist. Leon Keer works with a mixture of tech­niques, uses a rich variety of materials, ranging from professional acrylic paints to adhesives, solvents, primers and tar. His subjects and images are entirely contemporary: they could be freeze frames from a video clip.

Melanie Stimmell Van Latum - With the ephemeral nature of street painting, Melanie also creates permanent works of Fine Art. She is a prolific Fine Artists, creating beautiful imagery in Oils and in Soft Pastel with such finesse and mastery that her Renaissance inspired figures dance off the canvas with whimsical charm.

Randall Rosenthal - Hyper relistic wood sculptor. Your jaws will drop. Guaranteed.

Tom Hussey - Sometimes we need photography to create a complex interplay between reality and illusion. Welcome to Tom Hussey's world. A world of many brands, and many audiences. A world involving many production needs. From location scouting, casting, styling, animation and photo retouching to lifestyle, portrait, and kid shots. A world located, in reality, in Dallas, Texas, but a world that knows no boundaries.

Alex Maksiov does some amazing street painting and fine art.

Michele Sommers - Her inspiration comes from animals and nature, and she strives to bring the beauty of the natural world into the lives of her patrons.  Her murals and portraits are created in acrylic paint, but she also uses colored pencil and occasionally watercolor, oils and pastels, and she is becoming proficient in digital art.  Like most artists, she continues to hone her skills through workshops and classes.  Her murals adorn several businesses as well as many private residences in Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida and Pennsylvania.  Michele has donated several murals to local schools and animal shelters, which resulted in a newspaper article and a local television interview.

Julie Kirk-Purcell - Traditional and 3D street painter, fine artist and muralist. Amazing work.

El Dibujon - Miami based fine artist and illustrator.