Freestyle commissions  

At some point, my commission work started to merge into my street art work, and in some cases, where the clients are willing the most, it's practically the same thing, only that I get to pay the bills from the project (yay!). These projects below were all commissioned - some full pay, some less, but all gave me some or full freedom to execute my vision.

  Mural no. 4 in Nicholasville, KY - about 15'x15' - semi anamorphic  
  Mural no. 4 in Nicholasville, KY - about 3'x2'  
  Mural no. 1 in Nicholasville, KY - about 28'x28'  
  Mural no. 2 in Nicholasville, KY - about 25'x22'  
  50' moon crop plus signage for Intuitive Machines in Houston, TX  
  Over 400' painted in Kerville, TX downtown parking garage
(125' Juan Carlos the green anole, and the rest colorful stripes + lantanas)
  Two wall lantana mural in Pasadena, Texas, 2021 (view from the 225 highway)  
  Promotional mural for the Toyota Center, Houston Texas 2022  
  Homage to Justice Jackson and some of the history behind her in Houston TX 2022  
  Here to Help, 25'x100' mural for Mental Helath America in Beaumont, TX 2022  
  32'x55' Florida Panther mural in Bartow, Florida 2022  
  Splash pad pump house all around mural in Houston TX 2022  
  Veterinary clinic mural in Houston TX February 2021  
  Stairway mural in St. Joseph, MI, June 2021  
  Temporary mural on mosaic tile (just before demolition) at Jones Plaza, downtown Houston May 2021  
  Fun mural on water treatment structures on the Trinity Trails, Fort Worth, TX, March 2021  
  Marigold mural in Houston, TX, June 2021  
  Brewery mural in Houston, TX, July 2021  
  Sweet Dreams / Eat your veggies mural in Memononee Falls, WI, June 2020 120'x9'  
  Owl eyes painted on the concrete retainer walls of a ravine at the Houston Arboretum, December 2019  
  "To Harrisburg with Love" 50'x30' mural painted for Sprocket Mural Works 2019, Harrisburg, PA  
  Stairway mural in St. Joseph, MI, August 2019  
  28'x70' pangolin mural for the STAMP mural project in Bhubeneswar, India, November 2018  
  Fun colorful murals for an apartment complex in Spring Branch, Houston TX August 2018  
  Eye(s) of the Tiger for TSU Athletic Center in Houston, TX  
  Martin Luther King Junior's portrait painted on a 20' container repurposed as a self sufficient office for the people of the Third Ward. A collaborative project by multiple organizations. The kids worked on the design (with a little help...)  
  The bee hive, for the Story Hive, Houston TX - bees and honey were added to existent hexagon graphics  
  Toy Story, mural for the 2016 Kerrville Chalk Fest, Kerrville, TX  
  click for more mini murals (traffic light boxes)  
250' "selfie" mural project at Blackshear Elementary. Click here for its own page
Gorilla street art, for the Houston Zoo, Houston TX 2015
Progress photos are available at the Houston Zoo official blog site
Creation of the control panel, latex on composite panel, 3'x6', Houston TX 2014
Snowhite and the seven dwarfs (and a squirrel), 40'x14', Disney World, FL 2013
NASA road 1 column, latex on concrete, 30'x30' in the widest part, Houston TX 2010
Murals on the Galveston Causeway, latex on concrete, 4 sections 90'x5'-10', Galveston TX 2009
Stars on the I-10 feeders, latex on concrete, about 12 in total, different sizes, Houston TX 2009