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Express your message and beautify your exterior wall while making a statement. A true low cost eye catcher with low maintenance and amazing impact. A mural done right can be the talk of town and can promote your business to the next level. Call me today and let me come up with fresh ideas for your space or come with your own and I'll be happy to execute it. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Below are some of my latest projects.

  Market stand made of a shipping container in Houston, TX, July 2021  
  Flower mural for a strip center in Houston, TX, June 2021  
  Brewery mural in Houston, TX, Jan 2021  
  Signage mural in New Caney, TX, June 2021  
  Dash / Dynamo mural in Houston, TX, February 2020  
  Mural for Frost Bank, Houston TX October 2018  
  Murals for Zocalo Apartments - an apartment complex in Spring Branch, Houston TX Aug 2018  
  CORE mural for the Dr Pepper company, May Houston TX  
  Mashup of vintage Dr Pepper ads for Dr Pepper, Houston TX May 2018  
  Historical Downtoan Brenham mural - Brenham TX  
  Lakeland Village Center "ghost" mural - Bridgeland community, Cypress TX  
  As a part of the team who painted this 25'x50' mural for the Beaver Dam Walldog Meet 2017,
I painted the 25' chair, its shadow and the beaver.
  Eye(s) of the Tiger for TSU Athletic Center, Houston TX  
  Lakeland Village Center "ghost" mural - Bridgeland community, Cypress TX  
  The bee hive, for the Story Hive, Houston TX - bees and honey were added to existent hexagon graphics  
  86'x23' mural, Friendswood, TX 2016  
  Marlin mural for Pappas' little sea food restaurant on Shepehrd, Houston TX  
  35'x12' mural, painted for the 2016 Marshall International Mural Painting event, exterior wall of a local diner  
  250' x 18' mural, painted for HISD (click for more info)  
Reimagining the facade of this one story structure to look like a palace