"3D" / anamorphic installations  

This section is very popular with everybody. The trick of the eye is amusing and when done right, can give a great illusion. The trick is distorting backwards and distortion that is being created by the horizontal surface. Instead of letting the design follow the perspective lines, as expected, we distort it so that it looks like there's something on top of the surface or underneath the surface. When a vertical panel or surface is added, then the illusion can be all inclusive and interesting.

Typically these pieces are large to enable interaction. Scroll down to see some of the designs I did over the past few years.
These are popular in festivals, events, and even in school projects.

  Anamorphic Lego mural at a Boys and Girls Club, Long Beach Walls, September 2022  
  First fully anamrphic mural for a boba shop in Pearland, TX 2022  
  Big Walls Big Dreams Houston TX May 2021 (8'x8' panel wall + canvas floor piece)  
  Gingerbread house 3D installation - two walls of 8'x8' and a triangle floor for Artavia, December 2020  
  Wall-to-floor anamorphic mural for TiLT Museum in New Jersey (10'x15' wall + 3'x13' floor)  
  Wall-to-floor anamorphic mural for TiLT Museum in New Jersey (10'x14' wall + + 10'x4' wall + 5'x14' floor)  
  Wall-to-floor temporary anamorphic mural for Conroe Art League in Conroe, TX (9'x9' wall + 7'x4' floor)  
  Wall-to-floor anamorphic instllation for Earth Day at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston, TX (8'x8' wall + 4'x8' floor)  
  Corner installation for my solo show at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts in Spring, TX (two walls of 8'x8' + a triangle floor piece)  
  Floor to panel installation at Terminal A at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX
Originally fabricated for a one day event, and then placed for the public to enjoy at the terminal. March 2019
  Floor (canvas) to panel (4'x8' - 8'x8') for Via Colori 2019  
  Corner installation for Midtown Mistletoe Market 2019 in Houston, TX (two walls of 8'x8' + a triangle floor piece)  
  Floor to wall installation for Rice Village for Christmas 2019 in Houston, TX one wall of 8'x8' +a 4'x8' floor piece)  
  Installation includes indicator of the best spot to take the photo from  
  8'x8'x8' anamorphic corner for ILLfest, Austin TX May 2019  
  8'x8'x8' anamorphic corner for Art in the Park, Houston TX June 2019  
  Anamorphic installation for a Google event in Houston, TX, October 2018  
  Fun two walls and floor installation in Houston, TX 2017  
  Floor to wall installation in Tyler, TX 2017  
  Latex on wood panels for the Kansas City Chalk and Walk 2016