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Lauren Luna

Lauren Luna Ltd. is a custom and hand painted footwear company. Founded in 2009, by Master fine artist Lauren Luna, our footwear has been seen on celebrities, fashion mavens, in local fashion weeks, and in the pages of British Vogue and Glamour Magazines. Our designs are made to be as individual and unique as you are.

Check out Luna's one of a kind creations!

Lauren Luna

POINT 506 - Indie T-shirts

Point 506 is a Houston-based indie clothing brand creating a unique
t-shirt line blending complex, sometimes impossible geometry with other intriguing artistic and scientific concepts. Their mission is simple; to clothe people with smart designs that will inspire mental growth and learning.

Starting with only a small run of 24 shirts, they have steadily worked without tire, pushing the investments like a snowball down a mountain growing with each sale. The company is a love affair between two designers that have never gotten a break in their endeavors. It’s a promise that things will someday work out.

Check out POINT 506's website!


Preston Pennington -
- Orignal and custom T-Shirt design

PTP-Designs is a locally owned company, specializing in original and custom T-shirt designs. PTP-Designs offers a wide variety of services to its customers with no minimum order. This company was started by a Friendswood High school student; Preston Pennington, and currently services the Friendswood and surrounding areas. PTP-Designs currently supplies all of the clothing for

Check out their booth at the Market!

PTP Designs
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  Fabric / Yarn  

Chris Young - Wearable Art 

Chris hand paints silk scarves and silk throw pillows. These are all individually painted by hand making each item unique. She uses several techniques, mostly painting the dyes on by hand like a watercolor painting, but also may drop dye or marble the item by floating the dyes. The dyes are then heat/steam set and are permanent.

The scarves may be silk satin, silk chiffon, silk crepe de chine, etc. The items are all washable in cold water. Also, she makes leather cuff bracelets which are embellished by wiring and gluing on shoe clips, broaches, etc. They have a metal core (usually copper) which allows the bracelet to bend around the arm and are lined in leather.

Check out Chris' work!

Chris Young

Chris Young


Rachel Montemayor - Sheep and Hook Fiber

Rachel's definition of an artist is simply a person who, by virtue of imagination, is able to create exceptional beauty. If she is able to evoke the emotions of goodness, truth and beauty to her audience then she is an artist. Each yard of fiber that passes through her fingers and unfolds like a blossoming flower at the spinning wheel or the joy that she feels at its inherent beauty is a palpable emotion. If she is able to evoke that emotion, that passion that she felt in its making in her audience then she has succeeded as an artist.

Rachel Montemayor has been published in The Islander Magazine, the Houston Chronicle and the Galveston Monthly, and the Daily News.

You'll want to come by and say hello and watch her demonstration.

Check out Rachel's website!

Rachel Montemayor  

Heather Schiappa - Silkendipity

The vibrant colors featured in each of Heather's hand painted scarves are created using the finest steam set dyes from France. Steam set dyes create the most intense colors possible. During the steaming process, which lasts from 3-4 hours, the dye becomes chemically bonded to the silk fibers creating lasting color without sacrificing the scarf's natural silky feel.

They are a great way to add a splash of color and fun to your wardrobe at an affordable price!

Check out Silkendipity's website!

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  Visual art / Paintings / Drawings  

Jack McHale - Paintings

Jack is a self taught artist and enjoys painting in pastels, acrylic and oil. The only thing he will tell you is that although watercolor art is beautiful it is not a media he would enjoy.

Jack likes to paint what he likes and most of his paintings are life-like although he has been known to do abstracts as well. He is able to capture the essence of a scene or place with emotion and spirit.

Don't forget to chek out Jack's booth!

Jack McHale

Narmin Backus - Fine art

Narmin was born in Baku, Azerbaijan when Azerbaijan was still part of the Soviet Union. She received her art education from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. Study of fashion and fashion history influenced her to study human figure and portraiture in depth.

Narmin met her husband Ken in 1999 while he worked in Baku.  They moved to the UK and then later to the United States. After moving to the States, she discovered her passion for teaching. She also found her faith in Jesus Christ and continues to grow spiritually and professionally. Currently Narmin is a High school Art teacher at the Bay Area Christian School in League City, TX. She and her husband own a small business and the purpose of said business is to help others in need and to do God’s work in His Kingdom. Their vision is big and they pray that God will continue to use them for His Glory.

Nancy Hall-Peck  

Anne Gaines - Linoleum reduction cuts

Anne has specialized in linoleum reduction cuts for 18 years. Her subject matter ranges from an individual flower to vignettes of animal life, often featuring cats, her favorite models. All of her designs are original.

Although block prints, and specifically reduction cuts, do not lend themselves to fine detail, she thrives on achieving very complicated designs with as many as a dozen over-printings to reach the final product. She develops her ideas from thumbnail sketches that are then drawn to full size. Once she has completed the composition, she transfers it to the linoleum, and begins carving for the first printing. She uses water soluble printers ink on hot press water color paper. The multiple printings result in a final print that is heavy with ink, with a distinct texture.

Anne has received numerous awards throughout the years, and we can definitely see why!

Anne's work can be viewed here

Anne Gaines

Anne Gaines


Catfish Perez - Drawing and Mixed media

Ben "Catfish" Perez is an Artist and Tattooer in the Houston area known for his line drawing and intricate detail. He works in various mediums including mixed media paper and canvas.

Like Catfish's Facebook page and see what he has to offer!

Catfish Perez  

Gary Frisk - Paintings and photography

Gary (Stephen) always knew he could draw.  He started learning about art at an early age when visiting his grandmother: he would look in her art books and sit at her easel.  She oil painted like a master and he loved her work.  As one of life’s ironies, Gary never took any lessons from her.  He pursued a degree in engineering; however somewhere in his God given DNA, there was something that pressed him towards practicing art. 

Years after, several art prizes on his shelf, he is still putting in the mileage and finding his style.  He continues to grow and learn.

Gary will do some live painting for us at the Spring Arts Market!

Check out Gary's impressive work

Gary Frisk

Anneke Swanson - Illustrations

Anneke loves to create, whether it’s with oils, watercolor or a sewing machine. She has been selling her work since 2010, and works largely on commissions.  Some of her favorite things to paint include flowers, fruits & veggies, cupcakes, anything wedding related and glass jars. She has been dabbling in children's book illustration and hopes to get her book finished and published in the near future.

Anneke is a native Texan, born and raised in the Houston area, and now she resides in Austin with her husband, Michael.

Anneke's website showcases her beautiful work!

Anneke Swanson

Paul Sanchez - Drawings and airbrush work

Paul was born in Phoenix Arizona in September 1964. At a very early age, Paul had an interest in art. He increased his talent every year by focusing on artwork 'realism'. Whether the images were coped from images in magazines or drawn from still images in front of him, he began to develop the talent of bringing his artwork to life.

Check out Paul's amazing work

Paul Sanchez

Jo Edwards - Oil painting

Jo started her art journey at a really early age. When she was old enough to paint and to sculpt intervened, as it often does. 
She picked up a paint brush again, years later, just looking for a hobby but realized that painting is what she should have been doing all along. For the past 5 years, Jo has been a full time professional artist, going from watercolors to collage to oils. 

"In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your path straight."  Proverbs 3:6*

Visit her site:

Jo Edwards

Suzette Schutze - Paintings

Suzette's inspiration comes from many talented artists and spending so much time outdoors. Having grown up in the Houston area, she is fond of the beach and enjoys just about any outdoor activity. She loves creating pieces with bright colors that make people smile.

Suzette shows at local art festivals, art leagues and surrounding cities throughout Texas.

Check out Suzette's work

Suzette Schultze

Friendswood High School Arts -
Exhibiting student artwork

A special booth will be featuring our kids' artwork - students at Friendswood High School will be presenting their work at the fair.

Students pool inclide Emily Rives, Heidi Henricks, Lathanya Lakenes, Kylie Hansen and more. Come support our community and see the future of art!


Gary Frisk
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Jamie Rood - Photography

Jamie's artwork originates from an idea or something interesting he finds in our environment. He is influenced by hiking in the wilderness, ambient music, yoga & meditation and a spirit of exploration.

Like his Facebook page and visit his website and his booth.


Jamie Rood

Richard Baltazar - Photography

Richard's art medium is nature / landscape photography. Most of his photos were taken here in Texas.

All of his work is printed, matted and framed by him or under his supervision and specifications.

Like his page and come see his booth!

Richard Baltazar

Patricia Guillory - Photography

Patricia Guillory graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a major in fashion design from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. Since then she has worked as a successful fashion and product designer and graphic artist.

She’s had a true passion for the arts since she was ten years old. In high school she purchased her first 35 mm camera and fell in love with photography and has been taking pictures ever since. Patricia is inspired by color, nature, people, and traveling around the world, which are all subjects of her artistic photographs.

Visit Patricia's amazing work on her website and come check her out at the market! prepare to be amazed!!

Patricia Guillory  

Nancy Hall-Peck - Photography

Nancy Hall-Peck has been enjoying the art of photography since she was 16 when she used her first 35mm camera.

Fascinated by capturing unique images in film and digitally, Nancy always tends to look at things a little differently than others. Lucky to open a business to help others with commercial photography, what she enjoys the most is shooting nature … After all …
“The best canvas of all is to capture nature at its best. The beauty around us never ceases to amaze nor disappoint me”.

Nancy has been fortunate in recent years to travel to amazing places such as Africa, Iceland and some of the beautiful areas of America. She enjoys sharing her adventures with friends and acquaintances.

Visit Nancy's website to see what she has to offer!

Nancy Hall-Peck  

Ellie Teramoto - Photography

Atsuko Ellie Teramoto was born on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. She left her native Japan shortly after graduating high school to pursue her dreams in the United States. After studying journalism in college she went on to work for newspapers for twelve years, first in Los Angeles and soon after in New York City. From reporting Ellie eventually transitioned to news photography. Very shortly after taking this step she discovered her passion for fine art photography.

After many years in New York, Ellie decided to take the leap to independence, relocating to Houston to practice her photography on her own terms. In her work she seeks to find art in nature, while carefully attempting to match her prints with what the human eye experiences as closely as possible. Much of her time is spent uncovering the hidden beauty of Texas.

Check out Ellie's amazing work

Ellie Taramoto  

Tim Herschbach - Photography

It wasn't until December of 2009 that Tim began to take photography more seriously when he decided that he would like to create some artwork to hang on the walls in his home. Tim began scouring the internet and reading every book he could get his hands on and watching countless hours of videos on image processing. He submitted select photos for critique by professional photographers and attended workshops. With every photograph Tim created, he grew closer to being able to use photography as not just a way to capture a beautiful scene or subject, but as a viable method of communicating emotion, a fundamental principle of fine art.

In the summer of 2013, Tim Herschbach left his full time position at a Houston television station and put his full devotion into his art career and is currently selling his work online and at regional art shows.

Check out Tim's website and visit his booth!

Tim Herschbach  

Margaret Coach - Photography

Margaret's Introduction to photography was through her husband Charles; he said that she saw things that most people miss.  Margaret is basically self taught but has attended photography classes and lectures by Dion McInnis. She widened her experiences by becoming a member of the Bay Area Photo Club and a Photo Journalist with the Reporter News.

She was a member of and won awards with The Art Alliance Center at Clear Lake, The Galveston Art League, The Brazosport Art League, The National Society of Artist and The Broadway Bunch.
Margaret's awards range from Best of Show, First Place, Second and Third Place and a Fourth Place Texas Press Association award. She has also exhibited and won awards in the Texas City Art Shows.

Com see Margaret's work at the Spring Arts Market!

Margaret Coach  

Dylan Sullivan - Photography

Dylan founded his own photography and design company in December 2013. He aims to provide high quality photographic prints and digital images. All of his prints are made proudly in the USA.

Come check his booth and taste a little of his work in his website

Dylan Sullivan  

Karen Harvey - nature photography

Karen Harvey will be at our Spring Arts Market, showcasing amazing art photography, prints and photo coasters.  

You'll want to come by her booth.

Karen Harvey
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  Metal work  

Nancy and John Adams -
The Tin Armadillo

We create whimsical critters, beautiful lamps, shades, chandeliers, unusual mirrors, planters and windchimes and many other items all from recycled tin cans. Our work is all handmade and truly unique. Who knew tin cans could become such a precious metal?

The Tin Armadillo

Keith Moran - Pop-art metal sculptures

Keith has been designing and making unique 3D metal art that varies in sizes and themes. From a Texas flag to an abstract landscape, you can pretty much find anything you need to take it home with you!

Check out Keith's website

Keith Moran
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  Glass work  

Ecofab Arts - Handmade, eclectic art which is made from repurposed items.

Ecofab Arts makes jewelry and gift items that are not only fun but eco-friendly, totally unique and made in Texas! Our glass flowers are actually bolted together for maximum durability.

Like their Facebook page and come see their beautiful work at the Spring Arts Market!


Ecofab Arts

Theresa Borman - Glass work and geodes

Theresa Borman is a Friendswood resident who is in love with color, and was immediately drawn to glass because of the intensity of the color when light shines through it.  After a number of years doing stained glass mosaics, she has recently started working with kiln-formed glass, making 3D flower wall sculptures.  They can be hung inside or outside, but are at their best in sunlight where they absolutely glow.

The entire Borman family--mom, dad, and three boys--have been going on rock hunts in the Midwest to collect geodes for about 10 years, which they dig up and open themselves.  This has caused them to have a really crowded garage and so they are glad of the chance to share them with the guests of Art Dwellers Spring Arts Market.  There have been 17 different minerals found in these types of geodes, but the most popular contain sparkly quartz crystals.  Their largest geode so far weighs 311 lbs., and their tiniest is smaller than a pea.

Theresa Borman

Maria Guerra - MNG Designs

Maria makes beautiful one of a kind broken china mosaic crosses and wall plaques. Charming! 

Come see her at the Spring Arts Market!

Maria Guerra
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2Phils, potters 

Phyllis and Phil Johnson have been creating some amazing hand made pottery for you to enjoy and take home / give as a gift. Don't miss their awesome, original work at the Spring Arts Market!

Phyllis and Phil Johnson


Living Soul Pottery

Living Soul Pottery, Houston, TX is dedicated to creating interesting, functional, and beautiful stoneware pieces that proclaim the creative nature and give God the glory for the work.

Wyatt Schultz has been teaching for 35 years. Presently he is a high school ceramics teacher and the drama director at the Lutheran South Academy.

Visit his website to see more!

Living Soul Pottery

Small House Pottery

Jim and Susan Huckaby are a married couple that do everything together - including pottery. This is their 36th year making pottery, and they travel throughout the U.S. participating in Art Shows, many rated the best in the nation, from Florida to Colorado, and a few here at home in Texas. They also do retail and wholesale sales from their studio and they ship anywhere in the continental USA. Their pottery is created with functionality in mind; dinnerware, chip + dips, teapots, pie plates, baskets and vases, amounting to over a hundred different items.

Visit their website to see more!

Small House Pottery

Dennis Eberwein - Pegasus Pottery

Pegasus Pottery creates stoneware pottery and includes wheel thrown and hand building.

Pottery is all hand painted and glazed. 

Visit their booth to see more!

Pegasus Pottery

Jim Van Horn - Handcrafted bird feeders

These wonderfully handcrafted bird feeders by Van Morgan Enterprises are made in Jim's studio / workshop near Angleton, Texas.

Visit his booth to see more!

Jim Van Horn

Diana Maldonado-Aguilar - My Sister's Garden Art

Joining our Spring Arts Market is Diana Maldonado-Aguilar, My Sister's Garden Art.

She makes beautiful teacup/cup birdfeeders, and sun catcher garden plates which are sure to add beauty to any garden.

Diana Maldonado-Aguilar
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tic Jewelry Designs

tic Jewelry Designs shows all custom made silver jewelry at art markets and craft shows in the Greater Houston area as well as at 8 events on The San Antonio River Walk.

Like their page and visit their booth!

tic Jewelry Designs

Adriane R Wiltse - Hand-crafted jewelry

Adriane's intention is to provide finely hand-crafted jewelry pieces of high quality, wearable art at a reasonable price. With a background in Plastics Engineering and high speed manufacturing, she relishes in the contrary process of meticulously designing and constructing each of my pieces with my own two hands. Her work includes semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, mixed metals in a combination of strung materials and metal-smithing techniques.

She pays special attention to raw material selection ensuring they are of an appropriate quality.

Adriane R Wiltse

Tammy Tunstall - Upcycled home decor and personal items

Tammy has been creative since birth! She started sewing when she was only 7. Her Mother was making hand beaded necklaces back in the 70's. Her Grandmother was the ceramics Queen. She used fishing tackle boxes to carry all of her paint!

Lol....So she comes from a long line of creative people. Everything Tammy sells is handmade by her. It has been a dream of hers for a long time to have her own business and she's finally taking the plunge.

Like her on Facebook and find her on Etsy!

Tammy Tunstall

May-n-Ais Findings - Upcycled, RePurposed, Vintage Optician Glass. 

Comments : "Oh no... not more jewelry" ..... BUT.... it is a unique twist, Chrissy Doolen's own interpretation of sterling, fine silver, PMC, copper and brass. Artfully Crafted with words to invoke emotion. All hand made by Chrissy. Some better than others... keeping it real.

Chrissy also does artwork on vintage optician glass which she makes into necklaces, always a hit.

Chrissy is a professional photographer as well.

Visit her website and her booth to see what she has to offer!

Chrissy Doolen  

Lee Billings - Jewelry

Lee Billings has been making and selling beaded jewelry since 2002.

Her pieces have been seen at First Saturday Arts Market, WHAM Downtown, and many regional special-interest gatherings. This year she will be exhibiting at ApolloCon in Houston and at the North American Science Fiction Convention in Detroit, among other places.

She works primarily in natural materials such as stone, pearls, wood, and amber, in styles ranging from elegant to whimsical.

Lee Billings

Sandy Shiver - Glass jewelry

Over the years Sandy has been creating jewelry with ceramics, stained glass, and Precious Metal Clay among other mediums. Her current passion is working with fused glass to create unique glass jewelry and artwork. As a silversmith, she frequently uses sterling and fine silver or copper to showcase her stunning pieces.

Come see her wonderful work at the Spring Arts Market!

Nikki Thompson

Chrissy Roach

Chrissy Roach creates fine art jewelry. She molds, carves, and fires all metals that she works with. She uses traditional and modern techniques to create unique pieces. Chrissy enjoys working with copper and silver and accenting with 24k gold plating and Australian opals.

Like her page or visit her website to se more and of course visit her booth!

Chrissy Roach

Nikki Thompson - Flutter & Lace

Handcrafted jewelry inspired by mother nature. Each piece of jewelry is made using real butterflies and/or insects from around the world.

Check out and like her Facebook page!

Nikki Thompson

Sandy Pyle - Bead jewelry

Every piece in Sandy's collection is handcrafted and made with extreme attention to detail. Sandy believes that wearable art should be available to everyone, so her prices are quite affordable. She hopes you will enjoy seeing some of her work and hope that you will love it as much as she does!

You can have a sneak peek and even shop at her Etsy shop.

Sandy Pyle

Susie Que’s - Twisted Vintage Chic

Susie Que’s takes ugly unwanted vintage silver plate silverware and creates new and exciting pieces. 

From beautiful cuff bracelets to outdoor wind chimes.  Recycling one piece at a time.Patterns and styles and stones always vary.

Susie Que’s

Susie Que
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Karen Van Horn-Morgan - Wood items

Karen makes writing instruments and sculptured boxes and clocks.  All her items are made using wood. 

She recently was an artist chosen to participate in the Houston Bayou City Arts Festival.  This Jurried event is ranked #2 in the Nation for outdoor shows and #7 in the nation for all Art Festivals.

Come visit her booth at the Spring Arts Market!

Karen Van Horn-Morgan

Art by the Griffins - is a husband and wife team. The Griffins strive to create the new and interesting. Practice daily to achieve and produce and as a family, demonstrating their talents.

Loraine’s influences are first and foremost everything she sees, feels and experiences. It’s a blend of acrylic colors to develop a bold exciting style. Painting is her expression of love, the spirit, the mind and the soul. It’s her interpretation of life placed on a canvas. 

For Johnnie you could say his specialty is that he creates one-of-a-kind pieces. The primary material used is the local wood in the area. His desire is to release and enhance the beauty of the wood. 

Check out their website and awesome booth!

Art by the Griffins

James Phillips - Wood sculptor

James harvests wood from fresh cut trees bound for disposal. He has no particular wood preference - he concludes that all wood is beautiful. The infinite variation in color and grain insures that each one of his pieces is an original and impossible to precisely duplicate.

James finds his designs by sculpting small clay models with the desired subject and contorting them into a form that pleases his eye. The rough shape is cut with a gas chainsaw and the form is refined with grinders and chisels, followed by a fine sanding and the application of a sealer and multiple final finish coats. Each piece takes about twenty to thirty hours to complete, spread over several weeks.

Click here to learn more about James!

James Phillips

Mark Shultz - Woodwork

Mark is a woodwork artist and craftsman. He creates a wide range of items for the office and home.

Come check out Mark's booth!

Mark's Woodshop

Mark Shultz

Jim Watson - Heartwood Creations

Art created from wood.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind created by artist Jim Watson and nature.  The wood vases, bowls, plates and platters are turned or hand carved to shape. The natural cracks and voids are sometimes inlaid with turquoise, lapis, coral, powered metal or exotic wood,  No one piece can be reproduced and each piece is signed, numbered and dated with the type of wood and inlay on the bottom.  

See Jim's stunning work

Jim Watson
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Zainab and Angela Mills - Mother and daughter creating some good stuff!

Angela Mills is a college student of art. Her parents bought her paint sets and canvases starting at age 5.  She paints, draws, makes dream catchers and does henna tattoos.  She is currently employed at the Painted Potter as an artist. 

Zainab Mills is married and has 5 kids and 3 grandkids.  She has lived in Houston for 50 years and was born in Washington D.C. (got to Texas as fast as she could). She was fortunate to inherit her artistic abilities from her father's side of the family, who was a sign painter. One of his logos is used by South 
Shore Harbor (the lighthouse).  His mother taught her how to sew and crochet.  

Zainab is more of a crafter. She mixes art and crafting to create fun things.  She crochets crazy character hats without using a pattern.   She is currently making barefoot crochet sandals.   Zainab also makes fairy garden houses and accessories.  She has a booth at the Silverbee Boutique in Friendswood. Her dream is to one day make a car for the "Art Car" show.

Zainab and Angela Mills


  For the kiddos  

Safari's Eats and Treats - Fun fun fun for children of all ages!

Safari's Eats and Treats will be joining us.  

The kids will love their bungee jump and hampster balls.

Safari's Eats and Treats

Arbor House Gallery & Studio - bright Sunflower acrylic Painting class!

Arbor House Gallery and Studio will be hosting a paint party on Sunday May 18 during the Spring Arts Market, at the gazebo. Come enjoy painting outside and create a bright sunflower to start off the summer!

No experience needed (age 13 and up recomended)! The instructor will walk you through each step and even teach you a bit in the process.

Cost is only 25.00 per person and the ouside class will be held at 12 noon during the Spring Arts Market. All supplies will be there for you to create an 11x14 painting.

You can sign up and pay via
or by calling 832-224-5941 (T-Sat 12-5) 

Mark Shultz
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Justin's Seafood - Cajun cuisine

Justin's is a seafood company specializes in Louisiana Style Cajun seafood. They offer a wide variety of dining options ranging from casual dine-in to corporate catering. Their menu has something for everyone to choose from.

Not only they're going to have a stand for you people to come and enjoy their food, they also have a great restaurant here in Friendswood, check them out at Justin's Seafood.

All crawfish at Justin’s Seafood are hand picked by their supplier and sacked the morning of the delivery. This helps thrm ensure that you receive the fresh, clean and best tasting crawfish around.

Justin's Seafood