Check out what we've got for you!  

More than 25 street painters, dozens of dancers, singers, perfromers who will be there just for you! It's going to be an awesome event! Check them out:



Performance art / dance / body art / theater

Street painting / graffiti / caricatures

For the kiddos


Mark Lum, from Alvin, TX, will play some amazing sounds of Raggae Music for us.

Mark and his reggae Band Alvin and the Slickpunks were nominated as 2013 Houston Press best reggae/ska band of the year.

For more information, click here.

Mark Lum Mark Lum  

Michelle Buzz is a pop, singer-songwriter from Houston, TX. She has been writing songs since the age of eight. Michelle Buzz's music is pop with a rock flare and tons of heart! She is coming to us from Nashville, TN as that is where she is living now.

Click here to learn more!

Michelle Buzz
Michelle Buzz

NOISE POETS - RetroMetro Rock & Roll

NOISE POETS are entertainers, with a structured music act full of timeless rock and originals that draw and hold audiences as they play nearly non-stop sets, packed with energy and showmanship. 

NOISE POETS Power Trio are George Lee, vocals and guitar; Tony Sassi, bass and vocals; and Nick Veremis, drums and vocals. If you love music where concert performance meets bar band spontaneity, you won't be disappointed!

Click here to learn more!

Noise Poets Noise Poets  

Robert Wise - Bagpiper

This has become a tradition with ArtDwellers markets!

Rob Wise is not only an Assistant Principal of Friendswood High School, but he can play the Great Highland Bagpipes, the Scottish Smallpipes, and the Ceilidh Pipes. Our day wouldn't start without him playing for us.  

He is available for all kinds of events. You can find him here:

Rob Wise Rob Rise  

Mike Galvin - Guitarist - Singer

With over 20 years experience playing guitar, singing and performing, Mike covers a wide spectrum of rock / pop music from the 80's/90's (U2, Journey, Stone Temple Pilots, Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows) to more contemporary (Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Gotye) to classic rock (the Beatles, the Eagles, Don Henley, the Police). To make your event even more entertaining, he also takes "cold call" requests which creates a much more fun party atmosphere.

  Mark Lum  
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  Performance art / dance / live statues / theater  

Friendswoods' Chara Christian Dance Academy is sure to delight all in attendance.


Chara Christian Dance Academy

Wayne Husband has been making pottery
for eleven years. 

He has been an instructor at Alvin Community College, taught children’s pottery classes for five years, and will be demonstrating pottery at the Spring Arts Market event May 17th and 18th. 

We are excited to have him with us!  


Returning for the enjoyment of all - Sisters of a Lucid Dream Belly Dancers

Great bellydancing performance by our own local dancers!

Sisters of a Lucid Dream Belly Dancers

Friendswood's PopStar Performers will be singing their hearts out for us again.

POPSTARS brings out the STAR in each child!

Come out and encourage these rising stars!

Check their website out!



Nothing like live theater!
We are excited to have our local Purple Box Theater joining us again.  

Needing acting lessons or want to catch a show?  Check out their amazing programs for all ages here.


Purple Box Theater

New! live statues by ABC Body Art - Houston's premiere source for temporary body art services.

ABC Body Art offers face painting, for youth events, Face and body art for adult events, corporate branding, Body Art placement for promotional events, costuming, full or partial bodies, and temporary tattoo services. Also they do belly painting for pregnant women and Henna tattoo services.

ABC Body Art
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  Street painting / graffiti / caricatures  

Rebekah Tee - Contemporary artist and art teacher

Rebekah has taught in the Houston area for 19 years.  Currently, she is the Founding Art Teacher at KIPP Houston High School and acting as Director of KIPP Houston Art School.

She has developed the art program from scratch and is guiding the art programs in other local KIPP schools. Her students have won local, regional, national, and international awards.

She enjoys working along side her students creating works for charity. Rebekah was voted fan favorite every year she participated at the local Via Colori!

Rebekah Tee

Alissa Trevino - Street painter, fine artist and art teacher

Alissa Trevino is an artist, high school art teacher at Jersey Village High School in CFISD, and a native Houstonian.

She began street painting at the Via Colori Street Painting Festival in 2005. She has also created a street painting for the Italian Style Expo, Bayou City Arts Festival, and Sarasota Chalk Festival. She enjoys working with various printmaking, drawing and painting media such as linoleum cuts, silkscreen, etchings, acrylic paints, oil bars, colored pencils, chalk pastels, and charcoal.

Check out her website at -

Alissa Trevino

Kenneth Pierson - Street painter and fine artist

Kenneth studied Fine art at Illinois state university from 1994-1999. He returned to Houston to work as a professional sports artist and semi pro basketball player for the three years following. He has been specializing in sports art, portraiture, street art and hyperrealism for the past 20 years.

Kenneth got into "street painting" about 9 years ago in the inaugural Via Colori street painting festival and since then have done a number of commissions and charity events, many alongside Bryan Higgins. Right now Kenneth is a full time artist working in a variety of mediums and looking forward to this event!

Kenneth Pierson

Bryan Higgins - Street painter, muralist and fine artist

Bryan is a self taught artist from Spring TX. He specializes in portraiture, mainly graphite. He is also very involved in the street painting culture and has been doing it for the past nine years.

His works on wood in graphite are very popular. He does commissions, many charity events, murals, and of course, street painting.

He specializes in 3 dimensional street art and is expanding his medium to painting on canvas now.

Bryan Higgins

Miguel BOSS Martinez - Graffiti and tattoo artist

Miguel was born in Lima, Peru, and has been painting and sketching since he could recall. He emigrated to the US in 1989 at 8 years old and landed in New Jersey, where he saw graffiti on the subways L-trains and walls. It was love at first sight.  Miguel is 33 now, and has two beautiful daughters. By picking up the cans after an 8 year break, he is a living example that following your love and passion is the best way to be happy with life. Miguel also works a 40 hour work week at a bank... "Art is what helps keep my life centered"

Come see Miguel performing live and creating beautiful spray paint art!

Miguel Boss Martinez

Natalia Victoria - eclectic artist

Being the daughter of an artist, exposed to a world of art, Natalia developed a strong curiosity to create as a young child. Over the years her various styles and techniques have evolved as her love for art and passion for expression consumed her.

Working in pencils, paints, with brushes and cans, beads, wood, clays, metal, mosaic, drizzling, chalking and sculpting with found objects, she finds a way to constantly challenge herself. Her love for street art started in her early childhood, spending hours every day chalking for all to see. Through personal experiences and friendships gained engaging in art lead to Natalia working as an art teacher with children of special needs and has dedicated herself to theawareness of autism through the arts. Click to see her work on Facebook!

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” -Van Gogh

Natalia Victoria

Linda Abramson - Fine artist

Linda graduated from University of Texas in 1976,  with a BFA and minor in Education. She always loved teaching and reaching out to children and exposing them to the world of creativity and Art of all different mediums. In the late 80s', Linda hand painted outfits and earrings and sold them at festivals, fueling her love for Art events of local artists.

Linda began following Anat Ronen with her fabulous murals and street art, and as soon as she heard about Anat's Street Art course, she enrolled. The class inspired her to go back to Art again, and she's loving working with pastels and acrylics.

Linda Abramson

Carol Wells - Street painter and pet portrait watercolor artist

Carol worked for over twenty years in graphic arts and publishing before becoming a full time pet portrait artist in 2000. She has painted over 2,000 pet watercolor portraits, to date.  She now divides her time between many art forms, including street painting. 

Her wonderful art brings joy to everybody who witnesses her work and her marvelous use of color.

Click here to learn more about Carol!

Carol Wells

Anat Ronen - Urban artist

Anat Ronen is a street painter and an urban artist. She painted over 400 murals throughout Houston and beyond, including interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, schools, and more. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries and she travels the world painting streets and walls. Come see her at work, and learn a little more about street painting!

Click here to learn more about Anat!

Anat Ronen

Mariah Ellingwood - art teacher and professional artist

Mariah Ellingwood teaches art at KIPP Generations Collegiate high school in North Houston. She is primarily a ceramist, but loves to draw and paint.

Her students have participated in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event and have won local awards for their artwork.

This will be her first street painting / festival experience, and she is very excited to work alongside her students and other amazing Houston artists!

Bryan Higgins

Lily Alonso - Art student

Lily is a student at UH-Clear Lake, studying for her bachelors in art. 

She has participated in the Via Colori festival for about 7 years. Lily sneaks into the arts from time to time outside of her schooling and job at a library.

She believes being creative is very important. And so do we!!

Lily Alonso

Hippy Hernandez - Art student

Hippy participated at the Houston Via Colori last November. She's been street painting for 4 years at various events and festivals, and is a senior at KIPP.

Anat Ronen

Lydia Cooper - Art student

Lydia is a senior at KIPP Houston HS. She street painted at I Modonarri and at the annual KIPP Gala. Lydia is an AP art student and have had 4 years in art.

Lydia Cooper

Emmanuel Bernal - Art student

Emmanuel is a sophomore at KIPP. He was a border artist at the Via Colori for the 5th anniversary in middle school. Emmanuel also painted at I Madonnari last Oct as a guest sophomore.

Anat Ronen

Jimmy Ordaz - Art student

Jimmy designed the KIPP gala collaborative mural and also street painted at I Madonnari.

Jimmy is happy to be on board and being able to do it for fun. She loves to do all kinds of art that will hopefully captivate others to understand the love she has for art.

Jimmy Ordaz
  Silvia Torres, Sheryln Mendez - Art students

Silvia and Sheryln street painted at I Madonnari and the KIPP Gala.

Silvia Torres and Sheryln Mendez
  Cindy Tzapin - Art student

Cindy designed the KIPP gala collaborative mural and street painted at I Madonnari and via colori's collaborative border for the 5th anniversary.

Cindy has been in art for 3 years now and really enjoys working with ink and prisma colors. However, working with chalk pastels is an exception to the rule, which she enjoys very much as well.

Cindy Tzapin
  Kyra Sosa - Art student

Kyra just started street painting. Her first experience was at the KIPP Gala. She loves it!

Anat Ronen
  Karolina Gonzalez - Art student

Karolina street painted at I Madonnari and at the KIPP gala. She can't wait to street paint again in the fall.

Karolina Gonzalez

Emmanuel Bernal - Art student

Emmanuel is a sophomore at KIPP. He was a border artist at the Via Colori for the 5th anniversary in middle school. Emmanuel also painted at I Madonnari last Oct as a guest sophomore.

Anat Ronen
  Keyln Mejia, Pencil Ramirez - Art students

Keyln was Ms Tee's street painting assistant last year and she street painted at the KIPP Gala. She is also street painting at I Madonnari. Her partner street paints with her.

Anat Ronen
  Johnny Nguyen, Salmon Maldonado - Art students

Johnny and Salmon both started street painting at this year's KIPP gala. They are in pre ap and will compete to street paint in the next 3 years.

Anat Ronen

Kirby R - Caricature artist

Kirby first heard about caricatures from a family friend at the Kemah Boardwalk. His work was not that impressive to start off with, just a folder of drawings that were not his best work. So he decided to start practicing by drawing celebrities. For the past two years he has been practicing and honing his skills and is excited to work at parties and events outside of the boardwalk!

See more of Kirby's work and see what he does at the Spring Arts Market!

Kirby R
  For the kiddos  
  Twilight - "Your" Clown!

Twilight has enjoyed being a clown in the Houston area for the past 7 1/2 years now! She would love to speak with you and tell you how she keeps the children having fun with children's magic, music and movement, balloon art, games, parachute fun, storytelling, and more - she brings a high energy show and keeps the kids smiling!

Anat Ronen