Art Dwellers' Spring Arts Market in Friendswood is a fun venue for visitors, vendors and performers. Located in Stevenson Park, nature and art merge to form a great event. People from all around the Houston area enjoy the beautiful grounds and well organized festival.

The Spring Arts Market is a family-friendly event, and all artist work or vendor product must be appropriate for families and children of all ages. The Spring Arts Market strives to maintain the originality and authenticity of the event, and allows only for original, handmade products to be sold. All vendor and artist work products will be reviewed by the organizers prior to display.

Please join us in our upcoming Spring Arts Market. We are constantly looking for ways to encourage more participation in our events.  With this in mind, one of the many exciting changes being made is the expansion of the street art section to a mini street painting festival, including street chalk artists, and graffiti artists.