About Lee

  Lee Washington (born on August 24, 1969 San Juan, Puerto Rico) is an airbrush and aerosol artist who is most active in the Houston area. He is most known for painting realistic portraits and 3-d lettering.


  Lee first noticed he could draw in the 2nd grade, in the late 70’s he got into breakdancing, Graffiti and BMX Freestyle.
  It was 1982 when he picked up his first spray paint can to see if he could put a sketch from his black book onto a large wall.
  Once that was accomplished it was replicated for a few years.
  After a few years of practicing and improving his talent of graffiti he decided to move his artwork onto t-shirts: in 1986 he picked up his first airbrush and practiced Nonstop.
  In 1988 Lee painted his last graffiti wall. Then in 1993 he attended the Art Institute of Houston to learn the business side of art.

Now, after 20 years hiatus he started back airbrushing and spray painting in April 2012 and the rest will be history!