"3D" / anamorphic work  

This section is very popular with everybody. The trick of the eye is amusing and when done right, can give a great illusion. The trick is distorting backwards and distortion that is being created by the horizontal surface. Instead of letting the design follow the perspective lines, as expected, we distort it so that it looks like there's something on top of the surface or underneath the surface. Up to the horizon line of course, because there's no surface to paint on there.

Sometimes a vertical panel is added to the mix, adding the missing dimension and allowing for some interesting illusions.

Typically these pieces are large to enable interaction. They are also painted with tempera paint to allow for that interaction. Scroll down to see some of the designs I did over the past few years. These are popular in festivals, events, and even in school projects.

  Tempera on asphalt in about 10 hours, 12'x15' for Chalk on the Block, St. Joseph, Michigan Aug 2018  
  Tempera on asphalt in about 16 hours, 8'x16' for Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, Feb 2019  
  Tempera on concrete in about 5 hours, 9'x10' for Paint on State in Belvidere, IL, June 2018  
  Tempera on concrete in about 3 hours, 5'x8' for The Woodlands Art Crawl and Beer Tasting, The Woodlands, Nov. 2018  
  Tempera on concrete in about 16 hours, 16'x12' for Hines, Downtown Houston, March 2019  
  Interactive anamorphic commission for DART, June 2018, Dallas TX  
  This was painted with latex on canvas, in my studio, and installed onsite. Client kept the piece for future use.  
  Tempera on asphalt, for the Arbor Lakes Chalkfest 2018, Minneapolis, MN  
  Tempera on (hot!) concrete, 5'x9' for Chalk on the Block at Midtown's Bagby Park, June 2018, Houston TX  
  Tempera on pavers, for the Simi Valley Chalk Fest 2018, Simi Valley CA  
  Tempera on asphalt, for the Arbor Lakes Chalkfest 2017, Minneapolis, MN  
  Tempera on asphalt, for the Arbor Lakes Chalkfest 2016, Minneapolis, MN  
  Anamorphic installation for a Google event in Houston, TX, October 2018  
  Fun two walls and floor installation in Houston, TX 2017  
  Floor to wall installation in Tyler, TX 2017  
  16'x32' latex on concrete for a commercial commission in Arnhem, the Netherlands, July 2017  
  Tempera and chalk on tar paper, 10'x10'+, Plaza Palooza, Fort Worth TX 2017  
  Latex on wood panels for the Kansas City Chalk and Walk 2016  
  Tempera on concrete (horizontal), latex on panel, for the Taste of Dallas Chalk edition 2016  

Chalk on 9'x5' concrete, for Midtown Chalk the Block, Houston 2018

Tempera on pavers, 10'x16', Wilhelmshaven, Germany 2015
Tempera on concrete slab, Funtastic Fourth, 7'x17', Big Spring TX 2014
Monarch School
Tempera on concrete slab, 16'x8', Houston TX 2014 -
the correct POV is as shown above, the views from other angles are quite different...
State VASE 2014
Latex on canvas, 7'x6', Bryan TX 2014
Tempera on pavers, 7'x8', Whistler, Canada 2012 (and from the other side, below...)
  Chalk on 9'x5' concrete for the Midtown Mistletoe Market 2018, Houston  
Tempera on asphalt, 6'x15', Spring TX 2013