My first taste of street painting, or pastel work on pavement and asphalt, was in 2009 when I presented myself to be a local radio station's artist for Houston's Via Colori 2009. It was my first ever attempt. It is different than working with acrylics but in a fun way. Since then, I participated in the collaborative street painting project in Via Colori 2010, and was chosen to be the festival's featured artist for 2011 and 2013.

Street painting is a temporary art form that allows interaction with crowds and allows them to watch the process. People are fascinated by the process and impressed by the results. The layout can be plain art or used as a form of advertisement and promotion. Since it is temporary, and washed away with water, there's really no problem in including this fascinating gig in any event - whether a fundraising, a company event, a wedding, a store opening... anything goes! Contact me for more information and prices.

Street painting is usually divided by traditional 2 dimensional work, or standard painting transfered to the ground, and "3D" or anamorphic work, that is an optical illusion that works from a very specific point of view. Click on either or all to see my work in those two disciplines. I added a page that is a combination of horizontal and vertical work, or anamorphic installations, as the projects were accumulating and needed a place to be featured.