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Early on in late 2009, only a year into professionally painting, I discovered the world of festivals. My first was Via Colori in Houston, where I experienced street painting for the first time. It's funny, because I am a hard-core introvert, and I did not expect to like such a public event. But it turns out that when I am at work, when I create, I have no problem to interact with people. It's like I am a different person. Since then I have participated in many different events - big and small, public and private, local, national and international. I enjoy the interaction with people, they enjoy seeing art created in front of their eyes, and everybody is happy.

My ability to work fast and deliver has opened a whole new world to me. My versatile portfolio and skillset enables me to offer different solutions to various venues. For some, street painting will fit the bill, for others mural work, or temporary mural on a panel, or a combination. The reactions from the passersby and the clients are always way beyond any expectations.

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As I cruise on through my art adventures, I find myself asked to pass on the knowledge and experience I've gathered so far, and teach other aspiring or professional artists my tricks and secrets. I am happy to do so.

There's several different types of workshops, and I am happy to offer several kinds of activities. From fun family activity for the whole family, through general guidance to amateur artists, to professional workshops for artists who want to learn "how I do it". Personal coaching is an option, too.

From a few hour pass time event to several days of intense (but fun!) learning, from group activities to individual lessons - please contact me for details.