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I paint in all sizes and shapes, all surfaces and materials. Since I paint pretty fast, I started doing more and more live painting events, in which I paint panels ranging between 4'x8' to 24'x8'. Most of those have been sold during or after the event, and I even have orderes specifically for panels. If you can't afford a mural or cimply don't want to paint directly on the wall, a large panel can be just the thing for you. It adds dimension and dresses up large spaces as well as smaller rooms.

For more information, and commissions, please contact me.

  12'x8' panel installation for a Google event in Houston, TX October 2018  
  8'x8' panel painted over the course of 12 hours spread over 2 days for the Kansas City Chalk and Walk festival, September 2018  
  An interactive 8'x8' panel painted for Mid Town Arrt in the Pak in Houston, TX, April 2018  
  one 8'x8' and one 8'x4' panels painted during the 2018 Lake Worth Street Painting Festival  
  A panel painted in 2 days for Brenham's city hall  
  A horizontal 8'x4' panel painted in about 6 hours for the Women convention at University of Houston November 2017  
  Two 8'x8' panels painted for the 2017 Chalktoberfest , Marietta, GA At the end of the event they were hung on a a public wall for the community to enjoy until thenext festival. Each panel was painted in one day, panels were built by us.  
  An 8'x8' panel painted for the Sain Joseph Chalk the Block 2017, Saint Joseph, MI  
  An 8'x8' panel painted for the Arbor Lakes Chalkfest 2017, Minnieapolis, MN  
  An 16'x8' panel painted for Channel 11 for the Ronald McDonald Children's Festival, Houston 2017  
  8'x8' panel painted for Friends For Life, a no kill shelter in Houston TX, June 2017  
  12'x8' panel painted for and at Klein Oak High School, now hanging in their arts wing  
  8'x8' commission for a man cave  
  8'x8' panel painted during Via Colori 2016, Houston TX  
  8'x8' freestyle piece, now hanging at Bohemeo's  
  8'x8' panel painted for a local event, Houston 2015  
  8'x8' Little Crow portrait, created for the Arbor Lakes Chalkfest, Minneapolis, MN  
  8'x8' Malala panel created for the University of Houston, now hanging in their social studies building  
  8'x8' Van Gogh painted for an open house event, bought by a customer  
  Anat Ronen  
8'x8' tiger portrait, created for the Safety Harbor Bloom and Chalk festival
  Anat Ronen  
8'x8' "election year", created for the Safety Harbor Bloom and Chalk festival
  Anat Ronen  
  8'x8 for the City of Garland, TX 2016  
  Kurt, by Anat Ronen  
12'x8' panel painted for the Periwinkle Foundation gala 2016
  Six 4'x8' vertical panels painted over 3 days for the 2015 Walk and Chalk Festival in Kansas City, MO.
Portriats are of people from the local arts community
  Ehud, by Anat Ronen  
24'x8' "look us in the eye" panel, painted for the Sarasota Street Painting Festival 2014
  8'x8' panel, painted for the Houston Theater District open house event 2015  
  12'x8' commission panel for a collector, Houston 2014