This art started from a Facebook group I am still a part of, that draws and paints on sticky notes. For most, it is doodles and sketches, but for me it developed into something a little more elaborated. Doing murals mostly, I found it really hard to confine myself into the tiny size and make something meaningful out of it. I struggled in focusing in the small piece of paper and make it significant.

But then, something changed, and I started looking at the bright side - the limitation was also a great thing - a great challenge, a quest to find the subjects and layouts to fit the space and make it stand out. Through this process, I found out that I am actually not too bad doing portraits, and my paralyzing fear of drawing people is now gone. Each drawing is a great exercise and a great lesson. The small size also allows for fast results and immediate response, and it's kind of addicting.

As them pieces started to pile up, I had numerous people ask for commissions, and buy the pieces I've already done. It became a great little piggyback gig to my mural business. Here, you'll be able to contact me for a custom piece, obtain a hard copy original and / or obtain a digital copy of it and of the gallery items. The prices are affordable because of the size - it's fast working on it and very few materials are used.

In today's world, where most things go online, it really doesn't matter if they started out big or small. Some do, of course, but for the most part people seek uniqueness and originality and this is a great niche for that.

So if you have an event coming - and would like a note art to be a part of it; if you're thinking of surprising someone dear with a fun and meaningful gift; if you're looking for a fresh way to express really anything - this is it.

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