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Starting my art career from scratch and with no formal education, later in life, means my perspective and views come from those of a "normal", “average” person, a simple, hardworking, unnoticed human. Life was never too easy for me, ups and downs, losses and gains, happiness and sorrow. When I did come to discover that there's more to me than just being, that creating was a part of who I am, it was like a volcano started to erupt and never stops.

At the beginning of my now 10-year career I did strictly commission work, projects dictated entirely by my clients. I had very little say, although in retrospective it shows that I did use my life wisdom I gained thus far to make my decisions and suggest my designs.

In 2013, an invite to paint a mural for a museum exhibit changed all that, and made me much more aware of what's in me, how I want to use it, and follow my true passion: urban art. Art for the people. Anywhere and everywhere. It made me want to break the rules, experiment, test the boundaries only to disregard them.

Every project teaches me something new – about art, about people, about myself. Every project takes me to a new adventure, to new discoveries. Every mural, every piece of art I produce stays in me, but also takes away a part of my soul. My artistic metamorphosis is now complete in a sense that I cannot see myself as anything else. I have become my art.

Notable events in the past few years or soon to participate -

Sarasota Chalk Festival November 2011 (going vertical)
Wilhelmshaven International Street Painting Festival August 2013
Israel's first International 3D Street Painting Festival July 2012
Disney Limited Time Magic Walt Disney World October 2013
Meeting Of Styles Houston September 2013
Kayenta, UT Street Painting Festival April 2014
Chalk It Up! Prescott, May AZ 2014
Walldogs meet in Shipshewana, IN June 2014
Walldogs project, Centerville, IA, July 2014
Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project, Houston, TX, August 2014
Meeting Of Styles Houston September 2013
Marietta, GA Street Painting Festival, October 2014
Sarasota Chalk Festival November 2014 (going vertical, street painting)
Via Colori Houston (2011 and 2013 featured artist)
Kayenta, UT Street Painting Festival April 2015
Chalk Festival in the Plaza, Kerrville, TX June 2015
UpFest, Bristol, UK, July 2015
Wilhelmshaven Street Painting Festival, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, August 2015
WoodArt Krefeld, Germany, August 2015
Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival, MO, September 2015
Meeting of Styles Houston, September 2015
Street Painting Festival in Marietta, GA, October 2015
Via Colori Houston November 2015
SOFA Colombia, November 2015 (featured artist of the fair)
Sarasota Chalk Festival November 2015 (going vertical, street painting)
Safety Harbor Bloom n Chalk Festival, March 2016 (panel painting for the festival)
Taste of Dallas, 3-5 June 2016 (featured artist, street painting)
Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes, Minneapolis, 11-12 June 2016 (street painting)
Walldogs Meet Marshall, IL June 2016 (team leader, mural painting)
Washington Arts District ArtWall 2016 (mural painting)
Meeting of Styles Houston 2016 (mural painting)
HUE Festival 2016, Houston TX (mural painting)
Chalk Festival in the Plaza, Kerrville, TX October 2016 (featured artist)
Chalktoberfest Marietta, GA, October 2016 (panel painting)
Via Colori, Houston, November 2016 (panel painting)
Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, FL, February 2017 (mural painting)
Kayenta, UT Street Painting Festival April 2017 (mural and street painting)
Arbor Lakes Chalkfest, Minneapolis, MN June 2017 (featured artist)
Beaver Dam Walldog Meet, Beaver Dam, WI June 2017 (team member)
Rhine Side Gallery project, Krefeld Germany July 2017 (participating artist)
Westerley Walldog Meet, Westerley RI, September 2017 (team leader)
Saint Joseph Chalk Fest, St. Joseph, MI August 2017 (featured artist)
Chalktoberfest Marietta, GA, October 2017
Via Colori, Houston, November 2017 (street painting, featured artist)
Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, FL, February 2018 (mural painting)
Simi Valley Chalk Fest, Simi Valley, CA, May 2018 (featured artist)
Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes, Minneapolis, MN June 2018 (featured artist)
Streator Walldogs meet, Streator, IL, June 2018 (team leader)
Sounds and Sights Festival, Chelsea MI, July 2018 (featured artist)
Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival, MO, September 2018
Chalktoberfest Marietta, GA, October 2018 (panel painting)
STAMP mural project, Bhubeneswar, India, November 2018 (featured artist)
Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, FL, February 2019 (strret painting)
2@M San Antonio Street Art Initiative, San Antonio, TX April 2019 (mural paintin)
Kayenta, UT Street Painting Festival April 2019 (street painting)
Mayfest, Leesville LA May 2019 (street painting, workshop)

Notable shows / exhibitions / installations :

"if only" at the Station Museum for Contemporary Art in Houston, 2013

"ageism" at the Spring Street Studios - "One Degree of Separation" show, 2014

"on the creative path" - displaying 10 pieces at the all women show - Houston City Hall - December 9, 2016 - February 7, 2017

"Don't give me the eye" Joint show with Talya Arbisser at the ERJCC Houston February 16, 2017 - April 17, 2017

"Anat Ronen: Urban Legend", Rebecca Cole Gallery at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Spring TX September 30, 2019 - January 13, 2020

Notable awards / recognition / other

  • Finalist for the Hunting Art Prize 2014
  • Houston Mayor Proud Partner Award 2015
  • Mayoral Proclamation of the Houston Sesquicentennial Juneteenth Celebration
  • Certificate of Congressional Recognition for the Selfie mural 2016

  • Regional juror for VASE 2016
  • Judge at the Bayou City Arts Festival Spring 2016
  • Featured artist for the Texas Children's Hospital / Periwinkle Making a Mark program, 2016

  • Work published in books:
    - Portrait Revolution: Inspiration From Around the World For Creating Art in
    Multiple Mediums and Styles | Julia L. Kay | 2017
    - UPFEST II – Large format photographic diary of Upfest 2008 - 2016 | Upfest Gallery, Bristol UK | 2017
    - Street Art: Doors, Walls, Walkways; Living Art From Around the World (Inspirations & Techniques) | Russ Thorne | 2014

While most of what I do is commission work, I channel it to where I want it to go, giving the commission my personal flair. It is super important for me to cater to the client's needs, but also to be able to sleep well at night knowing I did something I am happy with.

My designs are all original. I don't work with templates and always study the client's background, needs and available information before I come up with my ideas. My murals are painted using latex and brushes. Most of them are done freehand, the large scale use grid. I work also with pen and markers, acrylics and pastel and also do digital work.

I also teach street art and street painting at the Houston Art League and for private clients. A one day workshop can be an awesome way to connect with each other and create something truly unforgettable.

I speak fluent English, Hebrew and Spanish.
Please don't hesitate calling me today to discuss your needs.


A partial list of clients include:

Disney (mural in Disney World)
The Howard Hughes Corporation (murals, street painting)
Hines (street painting)
Google (art installations)
Frost Bank (murals)
Dr Pepper (The American Bottling Co) (mural work)
Big Red, Inc. (Sun Drop | Big Red mural)
Red Bull USA (murals, canvas)
Neiman Marcus (SPCA window mural)
Houston Zoo (street painting, fine art and murals)
Baker Hughes (3D street painting, fine art, murals)
The Hunton Group (3D street painting)
Pappas Restaurants (murals)
Houston Airports System (anamirphic installations)
West Oaks Mall (various murals)
Scott Derr Painting Company (highway murals)
Museum of Fine Arts Houston MFAH (street painting)
Station Museum for Contemporary Art (mural work)
Nouveau Antique Art Bar (murals)
Fiesta Fresh Market (murals)
Houston ISD (Approved mural supplier, see murals)
Galena Park ISD (murals)
Clear Creek ISD (murals)
Pasadena ISD (murals)
Re/Max Inner Loop (murals)
Pizza Patron (pizzeria mural)
Schilling Robotics (canvas mural)
Bar-B-Q Village and Juice Bar (restaurant mural)
Mazda of Clear Lake (logo murals)
West I-10 Volunteer Fire Department (murals)
Angus Grill (murals)
Schwans Food Company (murals)
Spay Houston (charity mural)
KHOU - Channel 11 (street painting and murals)
Total Petrochemicals (street painting)
Houston Humane Society (charity murals)
ADG Construction (murals)
Friends for Life (murals)
The Kipling School (murals)
SpellWell Montessori School (murals)
New Faith Church (murals)
The Pet Palace (murals)
City of Big Spring (street painting)
City of Garland (panel / live painting, street painting)
City of Kerrville (murals)
Washington County Chamber of Commerce (murals)
Magnolia United Methodist Church (murals)
Bridgeland community (street painting)
Contemporary Craftsmen (sign painting)
Texas Southern University (mural painting)
University of Houston (panel / live painting)
University of Illinois (live painting)
Texas Southern University (mural painting)
Harris county (mural work)

References are available upon request

From top to bottom:

photo by Collin Kelly, for Houstonia Magazine
photo by Marie D. De Jesús for the Houston Chronicle
photo by Steven Gonzales for the Houston Chronicle
photo by the Houston Zoo staff photographer
photo by Pamela Hoffer
photo by Noella Cothnam

Anat Ronen